How Healthily Do The Brits Eat and Drink?

“With the current economic climate, fast food is the cheaper option, making it more appealing.” Stephanie Earnshaw Business Development Manager We all like to assume we know what constitutes a well-balanced diet, and how to act and think healthily for ourselves. Yet diet-related diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, are increasingly becoming a burden […]

Where do you listen to your music, and why?

“Spotify came out as an overall favourite in our interviews. Its widespread popularity can be attributed to its accessibility and personalisation features, making it a top choice for music enthusiasts” Alice Sunday Senior Video Producer This year, the music scene has witnessed some legendary moments, from Elton John's triumphant comeback at Glastonbury to sold-out tours […]

The Cost of Living and its Impact on Charities

“A prominent concern among interviewees was the potential impact on local charities, homelessness initiatives, and food banks.” Inga Udre Video Producer To understand the evolving dynamics of charitable giving, for this month’s Vox Pops Pool, we took to the streets of Manchester and spoke with a range of people. The responses we gathered provided valuable […]

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