"A prominent concern among interviewees was the potential impact on local charities, homelessness initiatives, and food banks."
Inga Udre
Video Producer

To understand the evolving dynamics of charitable giving, for this month’s Vox Pops Pool, we took to the streets of Manchester and spoke with a range of people. The responses we gathered provided valuable insights into people’s current donation habits and the charities they hold close to their hearts.

Amidst the cost of living crisis, we encountered different perspectives on donations. While some expressed that their fortunate circumstances allowed them to continue their regular contributions, others shared the difficulties they faced in allocating funds to charitable causes.

A prominent concern among interviewees was the potential impact on local charities, homelessness initiatives, and food banks. With financial constraints affecting many, people empathized with those in need and worried about the resources available to support them during challenging times.

Empathy was evident in the strong connection people felt with certain charities. Children’s charities and hospices struck a chord with many, with Derian House gaining a special mention for their commendable work. Samaritans and organizations like Papyrus, which focuses on young suicide prevention, were also recognized by those who empathized with mental health struggles. Additionally, individuals highlighted the significance of supporting women and children in need.

One interviewee’s personal connection stood out as he spoke about empathizing with autistic charities. As an individual on the autism spectrum himself, he shed light on the importance of raising awareness and understanding for this community, which is often overlooked.

As we continue to navigate through challenging times people showed how much they want to keep the spirit of giving alive, even in the smallest ways. Whether it’s supporting children’s charities, mental health initiatives, or local organizations, every act of kindness counts.

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