Video Diaries: an authentic window into your customer’s world

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An authentic glimpse into the world of the consumer is a powerful and vivid means of understanding them better.

Video diaries for insight purposes allow businesses to visualise the lives and motivations of the consumer. Beyond simply bringing customer research to life, it marks a human interest in the visual framing of a personal perspective. The impact of video research on emerging customer segments is clear.

What is a video diary?

Essentially, it is user-generated content filmed over a period of time. As long as the consumer has a smart mobile device, there are no geographical restrictions to filming from wherever in the world the consumer is.

"The difference between half-baked and game-changing insight is the quality of recruitment and the successful management of the project."
Katie Barney
Senior Producer

Video Diaries: Methodology Explained

  1. We ask respondents to record themselves on their personal devices answering questions, provide feedback on their experience and document their thoughts.
  2. Diarists have to film specific things like trying certain foods or completing daily rituals.
  3. The producer ensures participants are equipped with a how-to guide and advise each person on how to film themselves to ensure the quality of the footage.
  4. Respondents submit their videos via WhatsApp in real time, which allows us to prompt and moderate.
  5. The accumulated footage is then analysed and the key conclusions are written up in a detailed report.

5 key benefits of video diaries

  • The power of authenticity to connect with the customer

Based on the key objectives for the research, our editorial team designs a topic guide to get under the skin of the consumer. Through these authentic ‘no filter’ video diaries, a truer sense of authenticity and connection with the consumer is possible.

  • Follows a ‘publisher’ approach to follow the customer’s story over time

This production model provides a flexible capture opportunity that can span days, weeks or even months for a more in-depth research study. Insight professionals can really get to know the consumer, and what makes them tick, over time.

  • Budget-friendly methodology with high-quality output

This powerful mode of content negates the need to send a camera crew to film, it is entirely in the hands of your consumer. With some careful guidance from our editorial team, we can ensure high quality ‘raw’ footage to edit into final videos.

  • Opportunity to analyse real-life customer behaviour 

Whether it’s family households or individuals living alone, locally or internationally, the recruitment criteria will reflect the diversity of your customer base.

  • Bank of stories for use in training or marketing 

Your customers are your heroes, and user-generated content is both a social currency and a brilliant source of stories for use and engagement inside the business. 

“You need an enormous thanks from me. You have produced far more than I expected – the videos have been absolutely brilliant, wonderful respondents and really well managed. The report is a magnificent finale, and I need to ensure that it has the maximum possible impact. The report has so much in it so we’ll be using it for a while.”

– Global Senior Insight Manager, Food Retail Business

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