5 reasons why Video Diaries are here to stay

Video diaries for insight purposes allow businesses to visualise the lives and motivations of the consumer. Capturing new  unique insights.

Beyond simply bringing customer research to life, it marks a human interest in the visual framing of a personal perspective. The impact of video research on emerging customer segments is clear.

5 reasons why Video Diaries are here to stay.

Man taking selfie video.
"The difference between half-baked and game-changing insight is the quality of recruitment and the successful management of the project."
Katie Barney
Senior Producer

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1. The POWER of authenticity

Based on the key objectives for the research, our editorial team designs a topic guide to get under the skin of the consumer. Through these authentic ‘no filter’ video diaries, a truer sense of authenticity and connection with the consumer is possible.

2. Customer led stories

The production model provides a flexible capture opportunity that can span days, weeks, or even months for a more in-depth research study. Insight professionals can get to know the consumer, and what makes them tick. 

3. Budget friendly

The powerful mode of content negates the need to send a camera crew to film, it is entirely in the hands of your consumer. With some careful guidance from our editorial team, we can ensure high-quality ‘raw’ footage to edit into the final video.

4. Uniquely 'real-life' insight

Whether it’s family households or individuals living alone, locally or internationally, the recruitment criteria will reflect the diversity of your customer base. 

5. A new source of engagement

Your customers are our heroes, and user-generated content is both a social currency and a brilliant source of stories for use and engagement inside the business.

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Video Diaries

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