Video Production

Corporate video production services for strategic business objectives.

Popular Styles Of Video Production


Promo Video Production

VPI work with sales and marketing teams & agencies to create content that has a measurable ROI. Fit-for-channel video production services help you increase conversions from new and existing customers.
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Explainer Video Production

Increase audience engagement and comprehension by presenting information visually. Explainer video production service to add value for both internal and external audiences. Different approaches can include presenter led, animation, CEO messages, product demonstrations and more.
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User Generated
Video Production

Videos curated from user generated content have a personable and authentic tone. These videos are emotive and connect with your audience on a human level. Compile existing home footage, curate new clips from participants and edit it all together to create powerful and moving content.
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Training Videos

Training video production services to engage communicate key information to your colleagues, staff or stakeholders. Ensure that your message is consistent in every workshops and presentation. Set the tone and use video as stimulus to spark relevant conversations.
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Social Media

Social Media Video Production

Maximise the reach of your social campaigns. Posts with video have 48% more views. When it comes to increasing your digital exposure, video is the most effective tool in the box, generating measurable ROI and audience engagement.
SSAFA Case Study


Testimonial Video Production

Testimonial vide production services are an effective form of video marketing. Your potentials listen to the voice of loyal customers far more than they listen to conventional advertising. Inject a video testimonial into your sales funnel to win more clients and convert more leads.
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Event Video Production

Event video production service to capture the buzz at your corporate events. Combine a mix of interviews with attendees, speakers & event partners with professional video production to visualise key moments & attractions. Create highly engaging event marketing content.
Events with VPI


Personalised Video Production

Personalised videos incorporate your customers’ data to supercharge engagement and create truly unique content. Address each of your customers by name, reference their membership details, policy information or any other relevant data. Make your customers feel values.
Co-op Case Study


Video Editing Service

If you have a wealth of existing video footage, media and user generated content, chances are you could be getting more value from these assets. Let us transform your existing content into fit-for-purpose videos that engage audiences and get your message heard.
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