Vox Pops

Our Vox Pops are short videos created from intercept interviews that last approximately 10-15 minutes. We use open-ended questions and probe to ensure we get full authentic responses. The benefit of this approach is that we can recruit very specific people in environments that will be relevant to the topic matter, for example, bank customers outside their branch, shoppers in a relevant isle, travellers at airport terminals, commuters on a train, and so on.

We film these interviews in a variety of ways. Be it handheld, one camera or with a 2 camera set up – we film using high-end cameras only. We capture B Roll so that the final edited videos will feature shots of what people are talking about, and can also add quotes as animated graphics to highlight any data that is relevant.

Vox pops are perfect for capturing opinions from the masses, both across the UK and overseas. We have crews around the world who can turn these vox pops videos around extremely quickly, all subtitled, to fit your specific brief.

We pride ourselves on professional filming and our interviewers are trained to recruit and treat respondents respectfully. We obtain permissions and release forms to ensure we meet all the Data Protection standards.

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