Video interviews to capture the voice of the consumer

Vox pops are short videos created from intercept interviews with members of the public that can be used to capture feedback or illustrate existing research. VPI use open-ended questions to probe for authentic responses, providing visual insights for market research or brand awareness projects. Visit our recent article for more info on ‘What is a Vox Pop?

VPI pride ourselves on our professional filming and our interviewers are trained to recruit and treat respondents respectfully. We obtain permissions and release forms to ensure we meet all the Data Protection standards.

The benefits of Vox Pops

Vox pops video interviews allow you to engage very specific groups of respondents by recruiting in topic-relevant locations. This location-based recruitment helps to keep both project costs and turnaround time to a minimum, both in the UK and for international projects. We have crews around the world who can turn these talking head style videos around extremely quickly, all subtitled, to fit your specific brief.

Applications of Vox Pops

VPI can produce different styles of vox pops videos by offering a variety of filming techniques. Be it handheld, one camera or with a 2 camera set up – we film using high-end cameras only. We capture B Roll footage so that the final edited videos will feature contextualising shots of discussion topics, and can also add quotes as animated graphics to highlight any data that is relevant.

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