Video Diaries

Mobile ethnography, self-filmed diaries, UGC and video interviews.

Why use Video Diaries?

Track Customer

Customer Journeys

Track customer journeys throughout the duration and capture insights at specific listening points. VPI moderate responses via our bespoke mobile ethnography app and probe respondents to ensure depth and quality of insights. Identify pain points and learn how you can improve your CX.

Video Content

Internal Video Content

VPI also conduct remote video interviews and gather self-filmed footage from work teams and professionals. Pass on learnings, share experiences, or even say goodbye’s when a team mate leaves! Video diaries have a personal tone and are a great way to share an honest opinion or advice.

Present the

Present The VOTC

Could your colleagues be more engaged with the knowledge you have to share? Letting your customers speak for themselves is a great way to demonstrate why insights will add value to your colleagues' propositions and strategies. Video is concise and engaging, and gets your point across in a much more efficient way than powerpoint decks or boring documentation.

Video Output

Bespoke Output

Compile feedback into an engaging summary edit to present your insights. Collate footage from different demographics, segments or topics. Tell the story of each customer, or create a summary edit for each touch point. Host all of the raw footage in a VPI video portal. However you want to present / edit your insights, we can help.


Illustrate Customer Segments

Do your colleagues and stakeholders have a good understanding of your customer segments? Remote vox pops showcase your customer groups in an authentic and relatable way. Visualise your customers’ homes, lives and environments to help your colleagues connect empathetically with them.

Vox Pop

Vox Pops Membership

VPI provide access to regular vox pops, video diary and insight video content via a membership subscription. Our different subscription levels are all significantly discounted when compared with one-off projects. Members also gain access to additional benefits.
Vox Pop Membership

Video Diary Examples

Client Testimonials

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