Create vox pops videos at a fraction of the cost

Monthly Service

Vox Pop intercept interviews bring presentations to life. This UK monthly syndicate offers a cost-effective way to obtain video interviews, by sharing the day of filming with other clients. For only £1,000 companies add 2 open-ended questions and receive a c.3 min video edit exclusive to the paying client for their uses. 

During this new lockdown we will be conducting these interviews on line, asking respondents to provide video diary style films.  We moderate the sessions and train them to film in the best possible way. 

Videos we've shot on our syndicated shoots

These are some examples of videos that we have shot as part of our regular syndicated vox pops shoots. These are not client edits, but content we created for ourselves. All videos created for clients remain confidential.

Vox Pops Now: Add x2 questions for our next shoot and get a short edit for £1,000

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