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How Healthily Do The Brits Eat and Drink?

“With the current economic climate, fast food is the cheaper option, making it more appealing.” Stephanie Earnshaw Business Development Manager We all like to assume we know what constitutes a well-balanced diet, and how to act and think healthily for ourselves. Yet diet-related diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease,

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Menopause Day: Making All Symptoms Visible

“Menopause is not a one-size-fits-all experience.” Vox Pops International Do you know the symptoms of menopause? Have you ever thought about how it affects the people around you? Today is World Menopause Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness and offering support to those impacted. Menopause is typically defined as

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News and Reactions

Consumer Spending Habits

“Discount supermarkets, such as Lidl and Aldi were frequently mentioned as the popular choices” Olivia Jarvis Video Producer – Vox Pops Pool The rising cost of living has become a growing concern for many individuals and families worldwide. As prices continue to increase, people are forced to reassess their spending habits

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UK views on the high-street coffee market

“One of the reasons for the love for independent coffee shops was that individuals like to help support their community, which is amazing to hear!” Alice Sunday Senior Video Producer – Vox Pops Pool Recently we used our Vox Pops Pool to explore how consumers feel about high-street coffee shops.

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Consumer Health Habits for 2023

“People are setting better boundaries, putting themselves first and practising more self-love. This was so great to hear!” Olivia Jarvis Video Producer – Vox Pops Pool Happy New Year! With 2023 well underway we took our Pool to the streets of Manchester to find out about people’s healthy habits. The Pool

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Best Practices and Research

Using Mobile Ethnography

There are all sorts of ways to study people, from anthropology to sociology to ethnography, all with their own approaches and methodologies. In anthropology the focus is culture, while in sociology it’s society at large that is under the microscope. Ethnography encompasses both culture and society, scientifically describing different peoples

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How to: Conduct International Research

Global audiences need global representation. Meaning that country-specific research sometimes doesn’t translate to all your audiences. 9 times out of 10 the only way to find out about your international consumer is to go out and talk to them! We at Vox Pops International are specialists in video interviews and have an established

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Using Video Interviews to Understand Cost of Living

With energy prices set to spike yet again in October and put even more pressure on people through the current cost of living crisis, it’s more important than ever to be close to your customer. Understanding all their concerns, both financially and mentally, will become essential when winter hits. Interviews

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Exploring the role of Artificial Intelligence in Animation

“Including characters in an animated video help makes the subject relatable and enables you to tell a story” Isobel Lester Motion Graphics Designer Animation has come a long way since the days of traditional hand-drawn techniques. The use of computers has changed the way animators and motion designers work. One

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How we Bring Animated Characters to Life!

“Including characters in an animated video help makes the subject relatable and enables you to tell a story” Isobel Lester Motion Graphics Designer Including characters in an animated video helps make the subject relatable and enables you to tell a story, personifying your brand. On top of that, it’s pretty

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Animation to Bring Research to Life

Long blocks of text or masses of research data can often be uninspiring and lead to disengagement. Animation can bring your core messages to life, helping to better present your research and data, and packaging it in an easy to digest format. Animation can help your message make a lasting

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