In-house studio space and client room

The VPI studio is perfect for conducting and filming focus groups, interviews and workshops.

The studio is flexible in its set up and we can film using static and roaming cameras, as well offering handheld and green screen filming. We film a lot of focus groups using 2 camera angles, making the final footage far more dynamic and usable. We also offer streaming facilities as well as basic 360 filming – which you can use to explore the studio and client room via the two videos below.

We have editors on site and offer a fast editing turnaround time, be it cutting down the rushes or producing a final edit.  We also offer animation, graphics and stock footage that can be added to the final film to add depth and creativity.

If you would like to find out more about our facilities, our rates, or would like to make a booking – please get in touch by using our online contact form or calling +44 (0)20 8786 8855.


Parking on site

Close to Zone 6 stations

Pretty village

Good catering

Friendly host

Video and audio footage on sticks or downloads

The set up

Studio space accommodating 20 people

Discreet client area with 2 way mirror

Reception area

Green screen

HD Filming


Video editing on site

Video technicians










Where to find us

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