Is safety a bigger concern following the Grenfell tragedy?

Safety is now a bigger concern for white goods owners following the recent Grenfell disaster, we can reveal.

We hit the streets to discuss how concerned people were about the safety of their fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers and found that most had never considered that they might be a safety risk.

But following recent events, some respondents also told us that they were more cautious about leaving appliances running while unattended and checking the warning labels. Overall respondents felt that well-known and reputable brands of white goods could be trusted to operate without suffering major faults.

Respondents told us that when making new purchases they would do online research first into product reviews, with some saying they would read third-party reviews from places such as Which? The majority would then go into a store, such as John Lewis and Curry’s, to discuss the new product with an expert before making the purchase.

Price wasn’t a major factor in purchasing decisions as people were happy to spend a bit more on a reputable brand that they felt would last longer, with aesthetics and warranty also being key factors in purchasing decisions.

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