How Barclays explored what ‘Great CX’ looks like using a combination of Vox Pops and Flip Boards


VPI recently worked with Barclays, helping them to develop their customer experience (CX) strategy by using ‘the voice of the customer’ as a visual research tool. The objective was to explore what great CX looks like for Barclays customers, as well as their expectations around how CX should be measured and used.

The majority of the final videos were used to bring a bit of colour to the team’s existing paper research, contributing to their overall CX strategy development project. Out of the same fieldwork, VPI also produced a separate video that was played in presentations to senior leaders within Barclays – helping to communicate and position the strategy that the research had informed.


To capture this video research, firstly, we worked with Barclays to produce a discussion guide that would ensure the responses were relevant and insightful. We then spent 2 days in Birmingham and Surrey recruiting and interviewing a broad mix of consumers.

Whilst conducting these filmed interviews, we asked respondents to answer both traditional open-ended questions, as well as few simple ‘one-word answer’ questions using ‘flip boards’.

The responses to the open-ended questions were used to create 6 insight-rich vox pops videos, and touched on topics such as: examples of great customer experiences and ways in which consumers felt happy for their experiences to be measured.

The flip board responses were edited to create a short and snappy video that acted as an intro and teaser to the more in-depth content of the Vox Pops, including questions like ‘what makes great customer experience?’ and ‘how does great customer experience make you feel?’


This project was a great example of how interviews can be conducted in a way that enables multiple styles of video from the same set of responses. By including a few simple flip board questions at the end of each interview, we were able to produce both i) vox pops video content that presents the authentic ‘voice of the customer’, as well as ii) a flip board film that helped get traction by introducing the insights in an engaging and ‘shareable’ way.


“From day 1, VPI were a pleasure to work with. They could not have been more helpful and the pace of delivery was exceptional. Always had great ideas for making the work even better. Their outlook and approach was positive and upbeat at all times. Thanks for everything you have done”

”The flip board film is engaging, informative and fun and gets the message across in a very effective manner”

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